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Test Bank for Connections A World History 3rd Edition by Judge

Test Bank for Connections A World History 3rd Edition by Judge

Test Bank for Connections A World History 3rd Edition by Judge for $49.99

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Test Bank for Connections A World History 3rd Edition by Judge
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Table of Contents

Table of Content Era One: Emergence and Expansion of Regional Society, to 300 C.E. 1. The Emergence of Human Societies, to 3000 B.C.E. 2. Early Societies of West Asia and North Africa, to 500 B.C.E. 3. Societies and Beliefs of Early India, to 550 C.E. 4. The Origins of the Chinese Empire, to 220 C.E. 5. Early American Societies: Connection and Isolation, 20,000 B.C.E.-1500 C.E. 6. The Persian Connection: Its Impact and Influences, 2000 B.C.E.-637 C.E. 7. Greek Civilization and Its Expansion Into Asia, 2000-30 B.C.E. 8. The Romans Connect the Mediterranean World, 753 B.C.E-284 C.E. Era Two: Transregional Conflicts and Religious Connections 9. Germanic Societies and the Emergence of the Christian West, 100-1100 C.E. 10. The Byzantine World, 284-1240 11. The Origins and Expansion of Islam, 100-750 12. Religion and Diversity in the Transformation of Southern Asia, 711-1400 13. Early African Societies, 1500 B.C.E.-1500 C.E. 14. The Evolution and Expansion of East Asian Societies, 220-1240 C.E. Era Three: Cross-Cultural Conflicts and Commercial Connections, 1000-1650 15. Nomadic Conquests and Eurasian Connections, 1000-1400 16. The Resurgence of the Christian West, 1050-1530 17. Culture and Conflict in the Great Islamic Empires, 1071-1707 18. The Aztec and Inca Empires, 1300-1550 19. Global Exploration and Global Empires, 1400-1700 20. The West in an Age of Religious Conflict and Global Expansion, 1500-1650 Era Four: The Shift from Regional to Global Connections, 1500-1800 21. The Search for Stability in East Asia, 1300-1800 22. Southern Asia and the Global Shift in Wealth and Power, 1500-1800 23. Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400-1800 24. Absolutism and Enlightenment in Europe, 1600-1763 25. Russia’s Eurasian Empire: Convergence of East and West, 1300-1800 Era Five: Revolution, Industry, Ideology, and Empire, 1750-1914 26. The North Atlantic Revolutions, 1750—1830 27. Industry, Ideology, and Their Global Impact, 1700—1914 28. Nation Building in the Americas, 1789—1914 29. New Connections and Challenges in Eastern and Southern Asia, 1800—1912 30. New Connections and Challenges in West Asia and Africa, 1800—1914 Era Six: Global Upheavals and Global Integration, 1900-Present 31. The Great War and the Russian Revolutions, 1890—1918 32. Anxieties and Ideologies of the Interwar Years, 1918—1939 33. World War II and the Holocaust, 1933—1945 34. East Versus West: Cold War and Its Global Impact, 1945-Present 35. The Upheavals of Asia, 1945—Present 36. Reform and Revolution in Latin America, 1914—Present 37. Postcolonial Challenges in Africa and the Middle East, 1939—Present

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