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Test Bank for Business Law Today Comprehensive 11th Edition by Miller

Test Bank for Business Law Today Comprehensive 11th Edition by Miller

Test Bank for Business Law Today Comprehensive 11th Edition by Miller for $69.99

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Availability: In stock

Test Bank for Business Law Today Comprehensive 11th Edition by Miller
Improve your success in the classroom and assess your readiness for your next exam with the (Test Bank for Business Law Today Comprehensive 11th Edition by Miller)!
Effective studying techniques require more than just reading the same content over and over again. Putting what you’ve learned into practice helps reinforce the concepts and theories learned from course material. More importantly, it also highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to develop study sessions that are time efficient and better tailored to improving on the areas that need it the most. With this innovative, easy-to-use digital downloadable file, you’ll be more prepared for each and every test.The (Test Bank for Business Law Today Comprehensive 11th Edition by Miller) is an excellent companion to traditional studying methods and includes a compilation of exam-style questions, primarily in multiple-choice format. It’s textbook specific and corresponds with the exact material in your book.Download your FREE sample now and see why so many students are choosing to use this invaluable study aid. The full digital download is available immediately after your purchase, so place your order and let’s get started building your academic success!

Table of Contents

Table of Content UNIT 1: THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS. 1. The Legal Environment. 2. Constitutional Law. 3. Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution. 4. Tort Law. 5. Product Liability. 6. Intellectual Property Rights. 7. Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy. 8. Criminal Law and Cyber Crime. 9. Business Ethics. UNIT 2: CONTRACTS AND E-CONTRACTS. 10. Nature and Classification. 11. Agreement. 12. Consideration. 13. Capacity and Legality. 14. Voluntary Consent. 15. The Statute of Frauds—Writing Requirement. 16. Performance and Discharge. 17. Breach and Remedies. 18. Third Party Rights. 19. International Law in a Global Economy. UNIT 3: COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS. 20. The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts. 21. Title and Risk of Loss. 22. Performance and Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts. 23. Negotiable Instruments. 24. Banking in the Digital Age. 25. Security Interests and Creditors’ Rights. 26. Bankruptcy. UNIT 4: AGENCY AND EMPLOYMENT LAW. 27. Agency Relationships in Business. 28. Employment, Immigration, and Labor Law. 29. Employment Discrimination. UNIT 5: BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS. 30. Sole Proprietorships and Franchises. 31. All Forms of Partnership. 32. Limited Liability Companies and Special Business Forms. 33. Corporate Formation and Financing. 34. Corporate Directors, Officers, and Shareholders. 35. Corporate Mergers, Takeovers, and Termination. 36. Investor Protection, Insider Trading, and Corporate Governance. UNIT 6: GOVERNMENT REGULATION. 37. Administrative Law. 38. Antitrust Law and Promoting Competition. 39. Consumer Law and Environmental Law. 40. Liability of Accountants and Other Professionals. Unit 7: Property and Its Protection. 41. Personal Property and Bailments. 42. Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Law. 43. Insurance, Wills, and Trusts.

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