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Test Bank for Biochemistry A Short Course 3rd Edition by Tymoczko

Test Bank for Biochemistry A Short Course 3rd Edition by Tymoczko

Test Bank for Biochemistry A Short Course 3rd Edition by Tymoczko for $99.99

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Test Bank for Biochemistry A Short Course 3rd Edition by Tymoczko
Improve your success in the classroom and assess your readiness for your next exam with the (Test Bank for Biochemistry A Short Course 3rd Edition by Tymoczko)!
Effective studying techniques require more than just reading the same content over and over again. Putting what you’ve learned into practice helps reinforce the concepts and theories learned from course material. More importantly, it also highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to develop study sessions that are time efficient and better tailored to improving on the areas that need it the most. With this innovative, easy-to-use digital downloadable file, you’ll be more prepared for each and every test.The (Test Bank for Biochemistry A Short Course 3rd Edition by Tymoczko) is an excellent companion to traditional studying methods and includes a compilation of exam-style questions, primarily in multiple-choice format. It’s textbook specific and corresponds with the exact material in your book.Download your FREE sample now and see why so many students are choosing to use this invaluable study aid. The full digital download is available immediately after your purchase, so place your order and let’s get started building your academic success!

Table of Contents

Table of Content PART I: THE MOLECULAR DESIGN OF LIFE Section 1: Biochemistry Chapter 1: Biochemistry and the Unity of Life Chapter 2: Water, Weak Bonds and the Generation of Order Out of ChaosSection 2: Protein Composition and Structure Chapter 3: Amino Acids Chapter 4: Protein Three-Dimensional Structure Chapter 5: Techniques in Protein BiochemistrySection 3: Basic Concepts and Kinetics of Enzymes Chapter 6: Basic Concepts of Enzyme Action Chapter 7: Kinetics and Regulation Chapter 8: Mechanisms and Inhibitors Chapter 9: Hemoglobin, An Allosteric ProteinSection 4: Carbohydrates and Lipids Chapter 10: Carbohydrates Chapter 11: LipidsSection 5: Cell Membranes, Channels, Pumps and Receptors Chapter 12: Membrane Structure and Function Chapter 13: Signal-Transduction PathwaysPART II: TRANSDUCING AND STORING ENERGY Section 6: Basic Concepts and Design of Metabolism Chapter 14: Digestion: Turning a Meal into Cellular Biochemicals Chapter 15: Metabolism: Basic Concepts and DesignSection 7: Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis Chapter 16: Glycolysis Chapter 17: GluconeogenesisSection 8: The Citric Acid Cycle Chapter 18: Preparation for the cycle Chapter 19: Harvesting electrons from the cycleSection 9: Oxidative Phosphorylation Chapter 20: The Electron-Transport Chain Chapter 21: The Proton-Motive Force Section 10: The Light Reactions of Photosynthesis and the Calvin Cycle Chapter 22: The Light Reactions Chapter 23: The Calvin CycleSection 11: Glycogen Metabolism and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Chapter 24: Glycogen Degradation Chapter 25: Glycogen Synthesis Chapter 26: The Pentose Phosphate PathwaySection 12: Fatty Acid and Lipid Metabolism Chapter 27: Fatty Acid Degradation Chapter 28: Fatty Acid Synthesis Chapter 29: Lipid Synthesis: Storage Lipids, Phospholipids, and CholesterolSection 13: The Metabolism of Nitrogen-Containing Molecules Chapter 30: Amino Acid Degradation and the Urea Cycle Chapter 31: Amino Acid Synthesis Chapter 32: Nucleotide MetabolismPART III: SYNTHESIZING THE MOLECULES OF LIFE Section 14: Nucleic Acid Structure and DNA Replication Chapter 33: The Structure of Informational Macromolecules: DNA and RNA Chapter 34: DNA Replication Chapter 35: DNA Repair and RecombinationSection 15: RNA Synthesis, Processing and Regulation Chapter 36: RNA Synthesis and Regulation in Bacteria Chapter 37: Gene Expression in Eukaryotes Chapter 38: RNA Processing in EukaryotesSection 16: Protein Synthesis and Recombinant DNA Techniques Chapter 39: The Genetic Code Chapter 40: The Mechanism of Protein Synthesis Chapter 41: Recombinant DNA Techniques

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