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Test Bank for American Pageant 16th Edition by Kennedy

Test Bank for American Pageant 16th Edition by Kennedy

Test Bank for American Pageant 16th Edition by Kennedy for $29.99

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Test Bank for American Pageant 16th Edition by Kennedy
Improve your success in the classroom and assess your readiness for your next exam with the (Test Bank for American Pageant 16th Edition by Kennedy)!
Effective studying techniques require more than just reading the same content over and over again. Putting what you’ve learned into practice helps reinforce the concepts and theories learned from course material. More importantly, it also highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to develop study sessions that are time efficient and better tailored to improving on the areas that need it the most. With this innovative, easy-to-use digital downloadable file, you’ll be more prepared for each and every test.The (Test Bank for American Pageant 16th Edition by Kennedy) is an excellent companion to traditional studying methods and includes a compilation of exam-style questions, primarily in multiple-choice format. It’s textbook specific and corresponds with the exact material in your book.Download your FREE sample now and see why so many students are choosing to use this invaluable study aid. The full digital download is available immediately after your purchase, so place your order and let’s get started building your academic success!

Table of Contents

Table of Content Part I: FOUNDING THE NEW NATION CA. 33,000 B.C.E–1783 C.E. 1. New World Beginnings 33,000 B.C.E.–1769 C.E. 2. The Planting of English America 1500−1733.  3. Settling the Northern Colonies 1619−1700.  4. American Life in the Seventeenth Century 1607−1692.  5. Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution 1700−1775.  6. The Duel for North America 1608−1763. 7. The Road to Revolution 1763−1775.  8. America Secedes from the Empire 1775−1783.  Part II: BUILDING THE NEW NATION CA. 1776−1860. 9. The Confederation and the Constitution 1776−1790.  10. Launching the New Ship of State 1789−1800.  11. The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic 1800−1812.  12. The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge of Nationalism 1812−1824.  13. The Rise of a Mass Democracy 1824−1840.  14. Forging the National Economy 1790−1860.  15. The Ferment of Reform and Culture 1790−1860.  Part III: TESTING THE NEW NATION 1820−1877. 16. The South and the Slavery Controversy 1793−1860.  17. Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy 1841−1848.  18. Renewing the Sectional Struggle 1848−1854.  19. Drifting Toward Disunion 1854−1861.  20. Girding for War: The North and the South 1861−1865.  21. The Furnace of Civil War 1861−1865.  22. The Ordeal of Reconstruction 1865−1877.  Part IV: FORGING AN INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY 1865−1909. 23. Political Paralysis in the Gilded Age 1869−1896.  24. Industry Comes of Age 1865−1900.  25. America Moves to the City 1865−1900.  26. The Great West and the Agricultural Revolution 1865−1896.  27. Empire and Expansion 1890−1909.  Part V: STRUGGLING FOR JUSTICE AT HOME AND ABROAD 1901−1945. 28. Progressivism and the Republican Roosevelt 1901−1912.  29. Wilsonian Progressivism in Peace and War 1913−1920.  30. American Life in the “Roaring Twenties” 1920−1929.  31. The Politics of Boom and Bust 1920−1932.  32. The Great Depression and the New Deal 1933−1939.  33. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Shadow of War 1933−1941.  34. America in World War II 1941−1945.  Part VI: MAKING MODERN AMERICA 1945 TO THE PRESENT. 35. The Cold War Begins 1945−1952. 36. American Zenith 1952−1963. 37. The Stormy Sixties 1963−1973. 38. Challenges to the Postwar Order 1973−1980. 39. The Resurgence of Conservatism 1980−1992. 40. America Confronts the Post-Cold War Era, 1992−2000. 41. The American People Face a New Century, 2001−2014.

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