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Table of ContentTable of ContentsChapter 1 ? IntroductionChapter 2 ? Overview of the Operations Research Modeling ApproachChapter 3 ? Introduction to Linear ProgrammingChapter 4 ? Solving Linear Programming Problems: The Simplex MethodChapter 5 ? The Theory of the Simplex MethodChapter 6 ? Duality TheoryChapter 7 ? Linear Programming under UncertaintyChapter 8 ? Other Algorithms for Linear ProgrammingChapter 9 ? The Transportation and Assignment ProblemsChapter 10 ? Network Optimization ModelsChapter 11 ? Dynamic ProgrammingChapter 12 ? Integer ProgrammingChapter 13 ? Nonlinear ProgrammingChapter 14 ? MetaheuristicsChapter 15 ? Game TheoryChapter 16 ? Decision AnalysisChapter 17 ? Queueing TheoryChapter 18 ? Inventory TheoryChapter 19 ? Markov Decision ProcessesChapter 20 ? SimulationChapter 21 ? The Art of Modeling with SpreadsheetsChapter 22 ? Project Management with PERT/CPMChapter 23 ? Additional Special Types of Linear Programming ProblemsChapter 24 ? Probability TheoryChapter 25 ? ReliabilityChapter 26 ? The Application of Queueing Theory Chapter 27 ? ForecastingChapter 28 ? Examples of Performing Simulations on Spreadsheets with Analytic Solver PlatformChapter 29 ? Markov Chains