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Table of ContentPart One: Fundamental ConceptsChapter 1: An Overview of Financial Management and the Financial EnvironmentChapter 2: Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and TaxesChapter 3: Analysis of Financial StatementsChapter 4: Time Value of MoneyChapter 5: Financial Planning and Forecasting Financial StatementsPart Two: Securities and Their ValuationChapter 6: Bonds, Bond Valuation, and Interest RatesChapter 7: Risk, Return, and the Capital Asset Pricing ModelChapter 8: Stocks, Stock Valuation, and Stock Market EquilibriumPart Three: Projects and Their ValuationChapter 9: The Cost of CapitalChapter 10: The Basics of Capital Budgeting: Evaluating Cash FlowsChapter 11: Cash Flow Estimation and Risk AnalysisPart Four: Financing ActivitiesChapter 12: Capital Structure DecisionsChapter 13: Distributions to Shareholders: Dividends and RepurchasesChapter 14: Initial Public Offerings, Investment Banking, and Financial RestructuringChapter 15: Lease FinancingChapter 16: Capital Market Financing: Hybrid and Other SecuritiesChapter 17: Working Capital Management and Short-Term FinancingChapter 18: Current Asset ManagementPart Five: Derivative TechniquesChapter 19: Financial Options and Applications in Corporate FinanceChapter 20: Decision Trees, Real Options, and Other Capital Budgeting TopicsChapter 21: Derivatives and Risk ManagementPart Six: Special TopicsChapter 22: International Financial ManagementChapter 23: Corporate Valuation, Value-Based Management, and Corporate GovernanceChapter 24: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructuring