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Table of ContentPart I: Getting Started 1. Introduction 2. Introduction to Structured Query Language Part II: Database Design 3. The Relational Model and Normalization 4. Database Design Using Normalization 5. Data Modeling and the Entity-Relationship Model 6. Transforming Data Models in Database Designs Part III: Database Implementation 7.SQL for Database Construction and Application Processing 8. Database Redesign Part IV: Multiuser Database Processing 9. Managing Multiuser Databases 10. Managing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Oracle Database, and MySQL 5.6 Online 10A. Managing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Online 10B. Managing Databases with Oracle Database Online 10C. Managing Databases with MySQL 5.6 Part V: Database Access Standards 11. The Web Server Environment 12. Big Data, Data Warehouses, and Business Intelligence Systems Online Appendix A. Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2013 Online Appendix B. Getting Started with Systems Analysis and Design Online Appendix C. E-R Diagrams and the IDEF1X Standard Online Appendix D. E-R Diagrams and the UML Standard Online Appendix E. Getting Started with the MySQL Workbench Data Modeling Tools Online Appendix F. Getting Started with Microsoft Visio 2013 Online Appendix G. Data Structures for Database Processing Online Appendix H. The Semantic Object Model Online Appendix I. Getting Started with Web Servers, PHP, and the NetBeans IDE Online Appendix J. Business Intelligence Systems Online Appendix K. Big Data